Our Philosophy

The children in our care are provided with an aesthetically pleasing environment where learning goes hand in hand with having fun, building secure attachments, having a sense of belonging and most importantly enjoying the learning process. Children’s happiness and safety are our main priority.

Our service understands that it is a part of a broader community. We value families, their cultural beliefs, and ways of being and doing. Educators strive to introduce and include opportunities to explore our community and the cultures within it. We acknowledge that our community is built on the traditional lands of the Wakka Wakka Nation. We pay respects to the Elders of the Wakka Wakka Nation, past and present, the custodians of the country since the beginning.

The programs throughout the centre are formed and provided with friendliness and authentic care practices. Learning and care practices such as developmental milestone occur at each child’s pace. Kingaroy Childcare Centre supports The Early Years Learning framework, and the Kindergarten Curriculum – Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

Educators work with integrity and trust, with children, families, and each other. Educators are thoughtful and reflective, taking the time for themselves to recharge so their work practices are at their full potential. We recognise that educators are role models for the children and that they learn from us as examples. Educators demonstrate appropriate behaviour and communication, they are respectful, honest, and work in a harmonious and calm manner.

The children’s natural environments, which include gardens were children are encouraged to engage with, are occupied with choices of equipment based on the children’s developmental stages and interests that provide educational experiences and suitable challenges. Hygiene and safety unpin everything the service plans and provides. It is our commitment to ensure that everyone is provided with a supportive, friendly, and safe environment. Natural items are included both inside and outside to provide a calm and engaging environment.

All families are welcome and provided with warmth and care just as much as their child. Relationships are built over time with mutual trust, sharing of information and working together to produce the best opportunities for their child. Connecting with families allows for much richer relationships with children. We provide opportunities to engage in family input and encourage this strongly. We encourage families to join us for special events throughout the year.

As a service, Kingaroy Child Care Centre highly values play based learning. The service offers children numerous opportunities to engage in rich play-based learning such as open-ended play, group play, individual play, pretend play, risky play and play that allows children to be absorbed. We encourage a sense of agency and leadership through play-based learning. We allow children to explore with risky play, such as climbing, sliding, balancing, jumping from heights, and hanging upside down

At Kingaroy Child Care Centre we promote to increase the awareness of our environmental responsibilities to contribute to a sustainable, cleaner future making eco-friendly choices. We encourage the concept of “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle”, this is promoted in our everyday practices and the resources we use. Sustainability is about empowering children and investing in their future from recycling, gardening, use of worm farms, conserving water and re-using products. As children are our future generation, they need to feel positive about the future as they are introduced to explore exquisite aspects of nature and given opportunities to learn sustainable practices.